Desert Island Discs

If I were to be invited on to Desert Island Discs (something that seems unlikely at this fledgling stage in my career as an author), these would be my choices. The Rules For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, Desert Island Discs is a British radio program which (a quick google search tells me), … Continue reading Desert Island Discs

Dying for our sins

“Christ died for sins, once for all.” So says the apostle Peter in the New Testament. That sounds great. Humanity is redeemed, our relationship with God mended, and we didn’t even have to show any contrition or kindness. I was nearly going to write that we “didn’t even have to lift a finger”, but of … Continue reading Dying for our sins

Happiness without religion

If religion makes you happy, should you automatically discard it, just because you don’t actually believe? My answer would be: not necessarily. Religions serve a purpose. They can knit communities together, form and consolidate a moral code, and inhibit some of the more destructive behaviours of certain individuals. This is not to say that religion … Continue reading Happiness without religion