Good Things Come To Those Who Wait…

It’s out! It’s finally out!

Book of Souls is now available through the Kindle store.

I’m sorry it has taken longer than it should, the delays have been caused by a mixture of great things (like getting married) and some significantly less great things (like having a broken kneecap.)

It’s so exciting to have finally realeased the second installment of the trilogy, and I hope that some of you will be just as excited to catch up with Yossef of Arimathea, Pontius Pilate, and see which direction the story is going in.

I am really fortunate to have had so many of you take the time to review Book of Yeshua. It’s truly amazing, and a real privilege, to read different reactions to something you’ve written. As you may know, books on Amazon live or die based on the number of reveiws, so if you do buy Souls, please consider reviewing it.

Wishing you a happy Yule!

Francis Chapman

Book of Souls update

I need to start off with an apology, Book of Souls should have been out a while ago, and even with various delays (health and pandemic related) I had hoped to have had Souls out by now. But alas…. life, as it is wont to do, has gotten in the way. Most recently, I have been coordinating the move for an elderly relative. In my naivety, I thought that selling a house, buying a house, and organising the physical move would use up a week or two of my time… I am, now, older and wiser, and know that it is essentially a full time job, and one of the most stressful things you can do in your life.

We’re not quite over the line of the move, but we’re very close and I’m now in a better position to dedicate the time I need to completing the book. As such, I’ll be announcing a revised publication date shortly, so stay tuned! As a fan of both George RR Martin, and Patrick Rothfuss, I know how frustrating it is to be waiting on a book, and I’ll be throwing everything I can at Book of Souls, to get it out as soon as possible!

For those who have been wondering what Francis Chapman does for fun, I can tell you that in my (extremely limited) free time I have been:

-Watching the Cleveland Browns stumble through an initially promising and thus far frustrating season

-Torn between wanting Rose Ayling-Ellis and John Whaite to win Strictly

-Enjoying watching Jeff Probst, the deluded God-type figure who rules supreme over his Fiji-stranded Survivor subjects

-Eagerly anticipating The Wheel of Time series on Amazon and season 4 of Discovery on Netflix

-Reading Gene Wolfe, Robert Jordan and Robert Galbraithe

-Plotting a (potentially violent) revolution to overhaul the conveyancing and estate agent industries.