About Francis Chapman

Francis Chapman, author of the thriller Book of Yeshua, was born in 1988 in Portsmouth, England. However, that would not have been his first choice of birthplace, and you certainly shouldn’t hold that against him.

He currently lives in Surrey, with his partner (and editor), three children, and a menagerie of badly behaved animals (six cats, three chickens, and a tortoise). He has had many jobs, including being a bartender, a copywriter, a magazine editor, and a Historic Property Steward at Stone Henge.

Francis studied Philosophy, which he greatly enjoyed, but he is most passionate about his writing. Most of his ideas come to him in the shower, or whilst walking his daughters to school.

During those brief moments when Francis isn’t writing, reading, or attempting to parent his children, he enjoys American football, learning Japanese, and is more than a little bit obsessed with the American reality TV show Survivor.

Francis dreams of making enough money from his writing to pay for the following things:

-Taking his family on holiday to Malta and Hawaii (seperate trips)

-A log fire

-A trip for him and his partner to the Super Bowl (ideally to watch the Cleveland Browns, but sadly concedes the unlikelihood of that ever happening)

-A small library

The books that Francis could never live without are:

His Dark Materials (trilogy) – Philip Pullman

We Need To Talk About Kevin – Lionel Shriver

A Confederacy of Dunces – John Kennedy Toole

The Prince of Nothing (trilogy) – R Scott Bakker

Dune – Frank Herbert

The Dark Tower (series) – Stephen King

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