Honeyed Hues and Tempestous Storm Clouds

Book of Yeshua was published on September 28th, and if you’re here on this blog, it’s probably because you enjoyed it and want to find out what else I’m writing. Of course, you might have really hated it, and are here to fuel the fire of your hatred, in which case, you’ve still come to the right place.

I have a number of plans for this Autumn, extending beyond merely watching American football and bemoaning a lack of Survivor. Of course, with three children, plans are always best kept provisional. Nonetheless, I shall lay them out here, in part as inspiration and motivation to keep to my writing timetable.

For those who enjoyed Book of Yeshua, and want to know more about the previous lives of some of the characters I will be publishing a short story in November. This will be explain how the Ophanim met up for the first time after the slaughter in the desert. It will be completely free and exclusive to those signed up to the Francis Chapman mailing list

I am also going to be working on the sequel to Book of Yeshua, called Book of Souls which I hope to publish in Spring of 2021. Keep an eye out for an excerpt which I will be posting here in the coming weeks.

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